Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 Reasons to do ????

1. Prevents hardening of the arteries
2. Protects the heart muscle
3. Anti-Depressesant
4. Anti-Parkinson, anti-Alzheimer and other forms of dementia
5. Prevents and arrest fungus
6. Prevents bacterial infections
7. Viral fighters and prevention of infections
8. Prevents gum decease
9. Anti-diarrheal- Could be really useful
10. Lowers fevers- if you got one, I got the FEVER!!!!!
11. Eye care, prevents glaucoma and cataracts
12. Energy boosters-anti fatigue- or you can stick with sugar and sugar will stick to you
13. Pansystemic a synergetic effect on the whole body
14. Anti Aging- I'm talking to you Ladies
15. Weight Loss- sign me up for this one
16. Lowers blood fat-I can barely deal with the fat in my stomach
17. Anti tumor benefits "Its not a tumaa"
18. Cancer prevention
19. Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar
20. It tastes awesome

What is your reason for drinking it, better yet the more important question is what are your reasons for NOT drinking it?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who wants to live with joint pain

Why mangosteen juice for arthritis? Mangosteen, beyond it's antioxidant and vitamin content, seems to have one very special feature. Though studies haven't had time to be substantiated, research is showing that mangosteen has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect drink to take if you have arthritis. But beyond arthritis, natural anti-inflammatory substances have a wide range of uses. There are whole diets centered around eating as many natural anti-inflammatory foods as possible. Anti-inflammatory diets are just plain good for your overall health. Proponents of anti-inflammatory diets claim that such diets reduce the risk of heart disease, keep existing heart conditions in check, reduce blood pressure, and last but not least, help control arthritis. In reality how can you eat a stready diet of anti-inflammatory foods all of the time, unless ofcourse you live in a anti-inflammatory supermarket.